Published August 1, 2017

The rising tide of flood risk

Despite the huge costs incurred after the storms of the past decade, building in flood-risk areas is on the rise. Property Week asks why and analyses the measures being taken to mitigate the threat.

Emanuela Barbiroglio
Published March 10, 2017

After the quakes

A story of life exposed to earthquakes

Since the beginning of 2016, 77 major earthquakes hit Italy. Data from National developers association and the Centre for economical, sociological and market research (ANCE/ CRESME) shows that 44% of the country is exposed to a high seismic risk. It also shows that 2.1 million resi buildings are in a poor or mediocre state and 7 million were built before the law on anti-seismic development entered into force in 1974. Being ready to face any contingencies is the key to save lives, buildings and money. However, this is not what happened. Thousands of people are displaced and are are still waiting for the reconstruction to begin. The more time will pass, the more it will deter them from returning. The Apennine mountains, already suffering from depopulation, may be abandoned.
Emanuela Barbiroglio
Published March 8, 2017

Italy: after the quakes

Property Week finds out what is being done to rebuild after the devastation.

Emanuela Barbiroglio
Published June 1, 2016

Beyond science

EU referendum - scientists’ view

UK will vote for the European Union membership referendum on the 23rd of June 2016. People will answer the question: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?” If the majority vote to leave, things will change. The so-called Brexit is not just a geopolitical issue: it’s about people, money and power.
Emanuela Barbiroglio